custom slippers for a fabulous sister

this is one of my proudest projects to date. i would be lying if i said it all went smoothly. but it was worth it, they came out better than i expected. i was pretty worried about the fit since my sister lives across the country and i had to do some guessing. they ended up being a little loose in the back so i sewed in some thin elastic, cinching the slipper tighter around the foot, and after that the fit was great!



warmers for winter

my mom is always cold. every evening,¬†for as long as i can remember, she fills a hot waterbottle and carries it with her all around the house. to help keep her warm, i decided to make her heating pads and hand warmers for christmas. here’s how they came out…


diy christmas

for many years now i have given one homemade christmas gift for a family member. i love to make gifts and they are always appreciated, especially by my parents who have kept everything i’ve ever made. this year i decided to challenge myself and make ALL of my christmas gifts. i wasn’t sure if i could do it, but it’s december 31, 2013 and i have yet to buy a gift this holiday season. thank goodness for our dear friend the internet. here is what i set out to make and the inspiration for my ideas:

mom…heating pad and hand warmers

dad…grill cover


brother-in-law….guitar strap

friends…infinity scarves

favorite 1 year old…baby blocks