leather accented tote

my good friend norah really gets the credit for my infatuation with leather. she was the original inspiration for this tote bag and this tote bag was the original inspiration for my leather infatuation (inspiration from pinterest: leather tote). this project was only difficult because of the lining. i haven’t done a lot with linings and sometimes my brain just doesn’t want to clearly visualize how two pieces of fabric need to be sewn together in order to create the image in my head. i end up doing a lot of trial and error which takes a good bit of patience (or a lack of perfectionism). no matter what the outcome, i always learn something. in the end i think this turned out pretty well. it is probably worth noting that when working with leather be sure you have an abundant supply of needles around. i’ve broken more than i can count – even the leather specific ones. leatherbag


dream leather purse

the best part about sewing, or any kind of creative skill, is that you can bring your dream items to life. that is exactly what I set out to do here…

i had been looking for a new brown leather bag. i searched and searched online but all of the beautiful brown leather bags that i found were on the order of $350. yikes! way more than i am comfortable spending. as it turned out, my local thriftstore, the goldmine, had a whole rack of used leather items for sale. lucky for me they were also having a 40% off sale when I went to scope out the situation. i ended up finding a great pair of light brown leather pants for $10. initially i was going to simply make a tote bag with leather accents but when i saw these pants another design came quickly to mind. Here is the result!

front (note: i left the side pockets)!


back and lining (note: you can just barely make out the cell phone pocket on the inside)

unnamed unnamed2