dream leather purse

the best part about sewing, or any kind of creative skill, is that you can bring your dream items to life. that is exactly what I set out to do here…

i had been looking for a new brown leather bag. i searched and searched online but all of the beautiful brown leather bags that i found were on the order of $350. yikes! way more than i am comfortable spending. as it turned out, my local thriftstore, the goldmine, had a whole rack of used leather items for sale. lucky for me they were also having a 40% off sale when I went to scope out the situation. i ended up finding a great pair of light brown leather pants for $10. initially i was going to simply make a tote bag with leather accents but when i saw these pants another design came quickly to mind. Here is the result!

front (note: i left the side pockets)!


back and lining (note: you can just barely make out the cell phone pocket on the inside)

unnamed unnamed2


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