a friendly trade

last spring my friend chris was generous enough to build me a raised garden bed. the garden was a huge success and i had greens for my smoothies all summer long! in return, i sewed chris some new canvas bags for his camp stove and grill. the picture below shows one of the bags but i actually made two that were the same just slightly different dimensions.

garden  bag2


thrifty leather-accented nye dress

you might remember that last year i designed my very first homemade dress for new years eve (post: ringing in the new year). of course it was not perfect but i was happy with the outcome. i decided to give myself a challenge again this year and make another dress for new years eve. shocker…it is leather accented. i found a cute dress online for way too many $$$ and said to myself “i can make that!” i sprinted back over to the goldmine and bought a pair of black leather pants. voila!



my creation: