The Perfect Diaper Bag

Last Christmas when I found out that my favorite (and only) sister was pregnant for the first time I named the baby “the Raz” – short for Raspberry (its size at the time) and Razzle Dazzle. Later we found out that the name Raz is an actual jewish name meaning a secret and can be used for a boy or a girl! Needlesstosay, the moniker stuck.

It was prime sewing season, so it was then that I also decided to embark on a pretty serious undertaking to celebrate my sister, the Raz and this big life event: I wanted to make the perfect diaper bag. I reached out to a team of experts (my two best friends with 1-2 kiddos) who gave me great advice on their wish list of features. I started to give it a lot of thought, and when I went back east in late February I started sketching out a design with some help from my mom. We also went to Babys R Us to do some research on standard sizes and features, and went to Joanne to pick out fabrics. I came back to Ketchum with a design and most of the materials, as well as a heightened level of motivation and excitement. I was heading back east in just a few weeks for a girls trip with my sister and mom and was inspired to make some progress on the project. During those weeks I accomplished enough to bring what I had with me and show my sister in person what was to come. It was also a great opportunity to get some feedback from her regarding her needs and desires.

This project was a great one. I learned a ton about liners, zippers, elastic, and maybe most importantly, patience. There were many hours that went into this project but I knew from the start that this was not one to rush through. It had to be done thoughtfully and it had to be done right. I am extremely proud of the end result. One of my good friends even gave me a fantastic complement saying that it looked like Lululemon! There were moments when I was unsure about the quality of the final product but in the end it really all came together. You’ll notice the liquid-friendly side pockets for bottles or water bottles, the back side zipper pocket, and the elasticized pockets all around the inside. Looking back, I couldn’t tell you how I did this or give you a tutorial, it just sort of came together.

IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3696 IMG_3697 IMG_3698


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